For Immediate Release

New Autopilot System is the Ultimate Extension of SeaStar’s Optimus 360

Steering and Joystick Control System

(September 2017 – Southampton, UK)
SeaStar Solutions, the global leader in steering and control systems, is proud to announce SeaWays Autopilot, a versatile autopilot that will get SeaStar Optimus system owners to their destination with confidence and efficiency. Because SeaWays works within SeaStar’s Optimus 360 and SeaStation systems, it requires no additional hardware and minimal tuning. SeaWays is, in fact, a simple software upgrade to the Optimus 360 Pump Control
Module (PCM) using the CANtrak display and takes advantage of SeaStation’s GPS sensor.
Before we explain the details, let’s put SeaWays in context. A few years ago, SeaStar Solutions
introduced its revolutionary Optimus 360 joystick docking system for twin outboard powered boats.
Optimus 360 combined an advanced electronic Pump Control Module (the brains of the system),
with a new electronic helm, smart steering cylinder and throttle/shift control. In addition to speed-
adaptive power steering while underway, close quarters maneuvering was now possible using a
joystick to control engine steering and thrust, moving the boat forward, backwards, diagonally, even
sideways. This is all accomplished with minimal shifting and greater precision.
Since then, SeaStar Solutions has expanded the capabilities of the Optimus 360 system to include
triple and quad outboard installations, as well as outboards with either mechanical or electronic
throttle and shift controls.
In October 2016, SeaStar was the first to introduce its SeaStation GPS Anchoring System with three
individual modes. SeaStation uses the Optimus 360 system to hold a boat in position in one of three
modes; position, heading or position and heading combined. And now, SeaStar has further expanded the capabilities of the Optimus 360 system, by adding its new SeaWays Autopilot.
SeaWays Autopilot utilises the SeaStation GPS-Compass sensor and Optimus 360 components
that are already installed to provide directional control based on heading, course over ground or
waypoints. With a simple install of new software to the Pump Control Module via the USB port in
the Optimus 360 CANtrak display, SeaWays provides autopilot capabilities. No additional hardware,
wiring or plumbing is necessary. SeaWays’ autopilot functions can be accessed and controlled
through the CANtrak display or a third party chartplotter or MFD.